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Water distribution systems are designed to deliver water from the distribution supply line to the consumer. However, in certain cases, water may try to flow in the opposite direction, which is known as backflow. This is an unacceptable condition which can result in stagnant or chemically- processed water drawn from a home or business’ water supply back into the water main and delivered to a different user. In order to avoid backflow, a Backflow Prevention Device is required for all homes and businesses. A Backflow Prevention Device may also be required for a pool/spa or irrigation system installed on the property. Backflow prevention devices are required by law in required locations and must be installed in accordance with plumbing or building codes.

A Backflow Prevention Device must be tested each year on a designated schedule or whenever a Device is moved or repaired. On the yearly schedule, your water purveyor will send a notice of required yearly testing to the water bill account holder. A licensed Backflow Tester will test the Device and send the required report to your water purveyor. A copy of the report will also be given to the customer by the licensed Tester at the completion of the test for customer’s records.

The Prestige Plumber is certified for all your backflow testing and repair needs.

Backflow Testing

Backflow Testing

Prestige Plumbing & Backflow Services is a Deland Plumbing contractor. We are certified to perform backflow testing thru UF Treeo Center. Deland Plumbers technicians are backflow testing experts and can handle any size backflow. We perform backflow testing for residential and commercial properties. After Prestige Plumbing & Backflow Services complete your backflow testing needs we report the results to the municipality for you. Please call today for all your backflow testing needs.

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Backflow Repaires

Prestige Plumbing & Backflow Services is also certified thru UF Treeo Center to handle all backflow repairs. Deland Plumbers backflow technicians have many years’ experience performing backflow repairs. We not only perform backflow repairs in Deland but service most of central Florida. We perform backflow repairs on commercial and residential valves. After we complete your backflow repairs, the valve is always tested and certified. Call your Deland Plumber for all your backflow repairs today.

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Prestige Plumbing & Backflow Services is your local Deland Backflow Expert. We are proud to work with both you and water purveyors to protect our drinking water. We offer the best prices for all Deland backflow work including all of Central Florida. Please call today to schedule you next back test or you can fill out our form online.

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Benjamin Franklink once said "An Ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of Cure." It was said that it was eaiser to stop anything from happening in the beginning than it is to repair the damage after the fact. Benjamin Franklin

Prestige Plumbing & Backflow Services technicians can perform annual backflow testing, repairs, installation, and backflow certification of all types of prevention devices. We will handle all required paperwork relating to your yearly inspection, then we will send a reminder when your next annual backflow test is due so your property remains in good standing with the local water authority.

Prestige Plumbing, a Deland backflow expert can also inspect your plumbing system to verify that your property is equipped with a proper backflow device or devices.

Backflow Frequently Asked Questions and Tips

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What is backflow?

Backflow is the unintended reversal of the normal direction of flow in a drinking water system that may result in pollution or contamination of the system by a liquid, gas, solid, or mixture.

When backflow occurs, the water drawn back into your main water supply may be contaminated. This contaminated water remains in the water lines until it is drained from another fixture in your home. A serious health hazard could result when this contaminated water is used for drinking, cooking, or bathing.

Why do I need to have my backflow tested?

These valves have rubber discs, seats, and springs that protect the water supply. These parts do deteriorate with time, rough water conditions, and cold weather. In order to protect the water supply, you must test your device once a year to ensure that all conponents of the valve are working to approved specs.

Backflow Example

Pools are a very high backflow risk. Typically when a pool needs to be filled, people will use their hoses. If there was a break in the water main, or a firetruck was drawing water downstream, this could cause a negative pull on all the lines upsteam (backflow). Thus, instead of filling your pool, water would be pulled out of your pool into the main water supply. Cases of fatalities have resulted from such backflow issues. Prestige Plumbing & Backflow Services are doing everything to protect the public water supply.

Installing a new backflow device.

When installing a new backflow device, always request that your contractor installs a device for expansion. When you install a backflow device, the water can no longer go back to the water supplier. Also, when your water heater heats water, it expands and builds pressure. This pressure cannot go back into the water supply because of the backflow preventer, and will only build pressure on the upstream side of the valve. Thus, it is imperative to have an expansion device.

Verify that your backflow tech is UF Treeo certified

Some water suppliers do not except any other certifications other than UF Treeo. UF Treeo sets the standard for all backflow testing and repair. Prestige Plumbing & Backflow is UF Treeo Certified.

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